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Monday - 17 Adar II - March 24, 2008
Today's News
Today's Kosher Recipes
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Today's News
Hear O Israel
Modern dance show imagines a world of compassion
Poetry readings thrive at Oakland synagogue
Purim: The movie
Sausalito author ‘taking care’ of the immigrant experience


College students campaign for environmental change
Jewish students from NIU, Virginia Tech find holiday joy amid common sorrow


Stepgrandparenting — the delights and the dilemmas of changes in the family
Outdoor education gets kids excited about the environment
Parental supervision: What to do when a parent moves in

Antisemitism: Up, Down or Both?
New anti-Semitic attack in the town where Ilan Halimi was murdered


How to lower blood pressure
Israel's Mazor turns 2D into 3D for orthopedic surgeons
New Israeli test identifies mothers at risk of preeclampsia 
New Israeli virtual reality program improves stroke rehab

international map

Despite protests, Australia lauds Israel
Elder Statesmen’s Push for Mideast Peace Revives Old Worries About Bias
Germany commits to brokering peace, stopping Iran
Jewish troops found on HMAS Sydney
Shorts: Mideast
Shorts: World

flag of israelIsrael
Are foreign sushi chefs getting a raw deal?
Ben-Yehuda goes wild
Can we talk?: Parleys with Hamas aren’t unusual for activists
IAF grounds all F-16I jets over carcinogenic material in cockpit
Israel Project trying to keep international media honest
Israeli archaeologists find Second Temple coin
Letter from Jerusalem

jewish culture
As Acceptance Grows, Gay Synagogues Torn Between the Straight and Narrow
A tale of one Torah: Sad saga in Russia 70 years ago at heart of new Palo Alto scroll
Purim is perfectly Persian Jewish!
Queen Vashti - from disobedient wife to religious feminist role model
Shalom from the Shabbat Lady
When ‘What to wear’ becomes a question of epic proportions

jewish humor
Comedy: Getting back at life with a one-two punchline
Yiddishe laughs at comedy festival

jewish women

fashionIsraeli fashion stars head Sydney fair
Mom and daughter climb ev'ry mountain
Photos from fashion show held in Jerusalem in 1944
This ain't your grandmother's Hadassah
Trapped in marriage



Brothers cook up organic, kosher hot cocoa
Certifying kosher food in China keeping rabbis busy
Keeping Kosher Gluten-Free
Kosher Fish With Side Dish Of Science At


Navy veteran, longtime community volunteer dies at 99

people israel

A musical ‘Change’ of scenery for Peninsula child actor
‘Friends’ forever? Not for this ex-star turned director
Good times for rabbi 25 years after ‘Bad Things’
Longest way around, shortest way home
Math wiz clowns around to 'serve God with joy'
The world according to Mort Sahl and friends
True to her name: Judy Freespirit spearheads LGBT movement at Jewish Home
Where they are now: Soviet Jewry series


It may be a mitzvah to imbibe, but how much is too much?
Nadav and Avihu's 'strange fire'

flag usa


By disavowing his pastor’s views, Obama upholds his own morality
Is retirement an option you can afford?
Jews have warm feelings for Spitzer’s successor
McCain flashes his pro-Israel credentials
Obama, his controversial pastor and the Jewish community
Shorts: U.S.
The problem is Obama’s initial attraction to his pastor
Wright or wrong: Obama's predicament

Todays Kosher Recipes
purim Argentine Corn Chicken
Aromatic Carrot Soup - (Moroccan)
Don’t be a chicken — instead, prepare one for Purim dinner
Top tastes of Purim wrapped up together

Today's News
Today's Kosher Recipes

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