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Thursday 11 Iyyar 5772 - May 3, 2012
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Former USSR - CIS

Defects & Recalls
Middle East
special announcements
Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls: An uproarious, imaginative, rather disgusting, quite enjoyable page-turner
Supporting our Holocaust Survivor Community
Gesher Jewish Day School will be a Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SPBA) host site
Nettie Parker’s Backyard is a WWII historical-fiction novel for 4th-8th graders
The Art of Marriage: Creating a Lifelong Masterpiece begins Thu May 1 in Fairfax and May 10 in Reston
Shaare Tefila to Host "Taste of Judaism" and "Taste of Shabbat" programs Twice a Month During April-June
Jewish Museum of Australia Presents Aleph Bet opens with a FREE family-friendly opening day
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs New Listing Tell your Friends that need a Job
Exciting Internship Opportunity at the JCRC of Greater Washington
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todays schmooze news
A Jew can never have too many passports
A Jewish Athens, Not Sparta: Liberal Zionists Speak Out
A Reset in Jewish Thinking
At 102, female WWII veteran keeps doing good deeds
Benzion Netanyahu Left His Son the Gift of Credibility
Doing a Mitzva Lishma – why do we perform the Mizvot?
Enough of the Jewish Stereotypes
$14 million! INSIDE Brooklyn's most expensive home
Jewish American Heritage Month Kicks Off May 1, 2012
Kvelling in Their Seats
Listen to Grandpa, Andy Ling: Episode 1
Modern technology’s most annoying inventions
Mourning for pets, the ‘Jewish’ way?
Muslim Students: Radicals or Partners?
Shaare Zion: The Synagogue That Nearly Wasn't Built
South Carolina Teacher Arrested After Grabbing Student as Part of a Nazi, Jew Rant
The Chinese Diplomat Who Saved Thousands of Jews
The Crayons in My Box
The Knish Lives in Israel
The Sephardic Arbit Experiment
Think a Mezuzah is just for hanging on your wall? Think again
Unmasking Black Pepper's Secrets as a Fat Fighter
What people of conscience need to know about Norway
Who's Afraid of the Messiah?

This Day In Jewish History
Jewish Publications, Magazines, and Newspapers

artsA Jewish Magician at the Egyptian Theater
book: Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls: An uproarious, imaginative, rather disgusting, quite enjoyable page-turner
book: Jews of the Wild West
book: Roads back from despair
Film tells the Roma side of the Shoah
Historical Figures in 'Magic Words'
Is There Such a Thing as Jewish Fiction?
Kvelling in Their Seats
Legendary Canadian music figure looks back
Photo exhibit is a journey into Jewish Morocco
Q&A: Harvey Pekar Publisher Josh Frankel
Review: Actors make 'Two Jews Walk into a War
Tony Curtis documentary to open the L.A. Jewish Film Festival
Why ‘Dialogue’ Journal Is One-Sided
Will Israeli Writers' Festival Ban Politics?

Jewish Stories by Marnie Winston-Macauley
Stories with a Yiddish Twist by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
healthAfter Epic Debate, Avian Flu Research Sees Light of Day
Aspirin and Warfarin Equally Effective for Most Heart Failure Patients, Study Suggests
New Report Shows 15 Million Babies Born Too Soon Every Year
New Understanding of Alzheimer's Trigger
Soy-Based Formula? Neonatal Plant Estrogen Exposure Leads to Adult Infertility in Female Mice
Unmasking Black Pepper's Secrets as a Fat Fighter


FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts
Recent Food Recalls
All Other Recalls
Science & Technology
science and technologyAppaholic: Top 5 kosher eating apps
At Smallest Scale, Liquid Crystal Behavior Portends New Materials
Black hole emits humongous energy burst (+video)
Ecosystem Effects of Biodiversity Loss Could Rival Impacts of Climate Change, Pollution
Emotion Reversed in Left-Handers' Brains
Experiments Underestimate Plant Responses to Climate Change
First 'Microsubmarines' Designed to Help Clean Up Oil Spills
First-of-Its-Kind Study Reveals Surprising Ecological Effects of Earthquake and Tsunami
Iceman Mummy: 5,000-Year-Old Red Blood Cells Discovered -- Oldest Blood Known to Modern Science
Old Fish Makes New Splash: Coelacanth Find Rewrites History of the Ancient Fish
Stream Temperatures Don't Parallel Warming Climate Trend
Zombie-Ant Fungus Is Under Attack, Research Reveals
Former Ratner's Building at 100 Norfolk Sold for $8.8 Million
Google Sued Over 'Jewish' Search Suggestions
Is austerity making Europe's crisis worse?
Jewish Women
jewiish womenAt 102, female WWII veteran keeps doing good deeds
Chummy With Mummy
Henderson woman reflects on family lost and found after World War II
Her Lips Are Sealed – From Treife
In Tel Aviv Case, Why Did We Assume Rape?
Israel ex-opposition leader Livni to quit assembly
Minority woman selected parliament foreign committee deputy chair
Near-exclusion of women irks S. African group
Priming the Next Generation of Feminists
Q&A: Tara Sophia Mohr on 'Playing Big' at Work
Sister Act Takes on End-of-Life Care
The War Against Women, Take Two
Why I Hide Teen Vogue From My Teen
Women's Soccer Pioneer to Be Honored by Jewish Hall of Fame
Yes, Katie, Childlessness Is Still Taboo
Today's Kosher Recipes
todays kosher recipesBig Pink Rhubarb Cake
Enchanted Garden Cake
Glorious Custards
Refreshing, light recipes packed with nutrition and inspired by Mediterranean flavors
Skuna Bay Salmon Agnolotti
Spring fish chowder

Measurement Conversion
peopleBenjamin Netanyahu’s Father Passes Away at 102
High Tech Executive Gets 22 Year Sentence For Fraud
Jewish-Palestinian Community Mourns Loss of a Leader
Jewish song pioneer Gladys Gewirtz dies at 84
Muslim, Zionist and proud
Remembering Sam Fisher – this was a man
Writing wrongs of the Holocaust
Campus News
campusA place to call their own at Washington College
ASU expands kosher options on campus
Bid to ban Israeli diplomat at Liverpool University condemned
500 Jewish Students Race for Israeli Rescue Organization
How Colorado State students make the most out of their summer breaks
Hillel tackles funding challenge
Milwaukee Jewish Day School gets gift for tuition grants
University of Illinois Answers Students' Demands With More Kosher Food
Jewish Culture
faith cultureMourning for pets, the ‘Jewish’ way?
Shaare Zion: The Synagogue That Nearly Wasn't Built
The Greatest Challenge Facing The Orthodox Jewish Community
The Sephardic Arbit Experiment
Think a Mezuzah is just for hanging on your wall? Think again
Weekly Torah Portion
Kashrut / Kosher
kosherAppaholic: Top 5 kosher eating apps
Friendship Circle Cafe helps special needs children
Just Pumpernickle's: New Owner At Longtime Creve Coeur Deli
Kashrut & Health Alerts
Pomegranate closes, again; Ben Yehuda has new owner
Rabbinate cancels caterer’s kashrut certification after presidential fete foul-up
Woodbury Jewish Center Wants Caterer Accused Of Violating Kashrut Evicted

Jerusalem Kosher News The Kosher Blog Kosher Today Headline News
israel flagAuthorities still looking for cause of chemical odor in central Israel
Israel gets fourth Dolphin-class submarine from Germany
Israel ex-opposition leader Livni to quit assembly
Israel expands ban on smoking in public
Israelis must thank the state comptroller
Mizrahi Jews threatened with eviction from Lifta
The Knish Lives in Israel
Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News
United States of America
flag of the united statesFormer Ratner's Building at 100 Norfolk Sold for $8.8 Million
$14 million! INSIDE Brooklyn's most expensive home
Herbert Hoover, American Jews and the GOP
How good a friend of the Jews was Harry Truman?
Put Russian-speaking Jews on community’s radar

Jews of the United States

canadaAntisemitic incidents ‘negligibly’ down in Canada
CJN Roundtable — An occasional feature
McMaster JSA director retires after 14 years
Nazi war crimes to be reexamined by Ottawa
Mémoires des Juifs Sépharades au Québec
OAS changes could harm older workers: prof
Police fine Eitz Chaim stalker for trespassing
Toronto woman implicated in Holocaust fraud case
Jewish Canada
europeAnti-Israel activists target Jewish students in UK
European Jewish group fears Israel-Iran backlash
French Jewish leader in hot waterover apparent endorsement of Sarkozy
French Jews' Fears Rising
In Belgium, national rupture spreads to Jews
Lawyer saved nearly 20000 Romanian Jews from deportation
Norway Jews praise media criticism of anti-Semite
Warsaw museum to document Polish Jewry
What people of conscience need to know about Norway
European Jewish Press
Greater Middle East
middle east
Custody battle pits U.S. mother against father who moved his kids to Gaza
Hamas says holding secret diplomatic talks with EU states
Israel fortifies border fence with Lebanon
Leading candidate in Egypt presidential race calls Israel peace accord 'dead and buried'
Minority woman selected parliament foreign committee deputy chair
Saudi Arabia warns Iran: Will not tolerate threats to Gulf state
Tunisia: Annual Jewish pilgrimage an achievement
The Chinese Diplomat Who Saved Thousands of Jews

former USSR CIS
book: From Siberia To the Lower East Side
Israeli Delegation Tours Belorussian Jewish Community
Jewish Community Safe in Wake of Ukraine Blasts

Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
Oceana - Australia - New Zealand
australia new zealand flagsAustralian media and Honest Reporting
Jacks comes up trumps at Toorak
Labor visits the Great Synagogue
New Israel Fund's global chief to visit Australia
Prof Fania Oz farewelling Oz
Remembering Sam Fisher – this was a man
Segal soars to defend world title
Security grants extended to Jewish preschools
We're not racist, we just hate Jews: Antisemitism on pro-Palestinian websites
Writing wrongs of the Holocaust
Jewish Australia Jewish New Zealand Jewish Perth Blog Jews of Tahiti
Latin America
latin america

Semana Latina: How Far Have Judeo-Latino Relations Progressed?

Jewish Argentina Jews of Bolivia Jewish Brazil Jewish Chile Jewish Colombia Jewish Venezuela
Never Again
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Jewish Women
Jewish Publications
All Things Jewish
The Steven Spielberg Film Archive
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World & the Jewish State
Israeli History in a Nutshell
Israel Small but Outstanding
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