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Monday - 17 Iyyar 5769 - May 11, 2009

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todays kosher recipes
Today's Headline News

AIPAC defendant claims prosecutors had it in for Jews
Ben-Gurion University joins with California firm on converting algae into fuel
Company buys Iowa slaughterhouse debt from St. Louis bank, improves chance plant will sell
Female Torah scribes test limits of Jewish law
Israeli Americans proud one of their own named ambassador to U.S.
Jewish by candlelight - from Spanish converso to modern mixed marriage
Matchmaker focuses on ‘mitzvah model’ rather than big bucks
Muslim shrines bear witness to Iraq's Jews
My Mom
Non-Orthodox Judaism disappearing
Jewelry designer bringing pearls — and wisdom: Israeli Isaac Levy also helps Ethiopian Jews in Israel
Jewish custom lets graves sink in Aurora
Jewish Moments in 'Star Trek'
Palestinians busted trying to sell 2,000 year-old Hebrew scroll
Shulhouse rock: Rabbi traces Jewish influence on ‘hippie’ music
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors...and Other "Aitzeh"/"Eytse" (Advice)
Synagogue Destroyed by Tajik Government Rededicated Elsewhere
Talking to God while working out? Just let me get my sneakers on
Temple Hosts motorcycle Club With a mission
The good German
Wisdom at 105
Your Trash, Her Treasure

Special Announcements

Arab-Jewish singing duo go to Eurovision on sour note
Fiddler on the bimah: Klezmer musician previews major new work
Live Long and Prosper, Jewish origins - Star Trek & Spock return today
New Jewish Community Center play format seats audience on stage
Shorts: Art
Shulhouse rock: Rabbi traces Jewish influence on ‘hippie’ music
Family affair / The Naims, Netanya
Former dissident Sharansky extols virtues of democracy and identity
My Mom
The good German
When He Talks Hats, Basic Black Is Only the Beginning
Wisdom at 105
Your Trash, Her Treasure
Cruise Ships
Rest in Peace Bea ArthurStories with a Yiddish Twist
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors...and Other "Aitzeh"/"Eytse" (Advice)
"Tsen" (10) Letters, Notes And Press Releases
Yiddish Resource
A conversation with Amy Singer
Female Torah scribes test limits of Jewish law
Jewish Women
San Mateo breast cancer survivor helps others in treatment
Best Jewish Delis: Zaftigs in Boston
Blackwell's Organic Gelato Announces Star-K Kosher Certification
Cuts Spoil Kosher Meals for Elderly
Dishing it up / Giving the geese a break
EU parliament reaffirms kosher slaughter
Jewish Leaders Having Fun on Cinco de Mayo
Kosher sandwiches are now being sold on campus
Orthodox rabbis promote 'inclusiveness' at Teaneck confab
13 Israeli firms make Forbes’ list
Ben-Gurion University joins with California firm on converting algae into fuel
Israel fears Jewish attack on 'Hitler Youth' Pope
Israel's Hebrew Catholics keep the faith
Israel’s new ambassador to U.S. has strong S.F. ties
Lieberman tries to ease friction in European diplomatic trip
Livni Is Learning To Lead Again, This Time As the Loyal Opposition
Netanyahu’s demand for recognition just one of the obstacles to progress
Old World, new horizons

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Shorts: Mideast
Talks impossible while Abbas, Fatah continue to repudiate Jewish state

european union flag
Closed trial in Halimi killing rankles French Jews
German detectives cast doubt on demise of Nazi 'Doctor Death'
On Norwegian Jewry
Procession Fills Polish City's Historic Streets
Watchdog group says anti-Semitism skyrocketing in Belgium
Facing History combats prejudice from new office
Kosher women's shelter expanding as demand grows
La S.A.C.R.: un bilan très positif
Quand le Judaïsme dialogue avec l’Islam
Jewish sparks of life in Cuba touch visitors from Oakland
flagAIPAC, Obama administration listen to each other, keep it friendly
Jews Lead Fight For and Against Key Labor Bill
Michelle Obama’s cousin the rabbi works to bring Jews of Africa back to faith
N.Y. rabbi sentenced for molesting daughter
Santa Barbara Fire Forces Synagogue Evacuation

south america

El Al Lands In Brazil
Religious Freedom and Belief Under Attack
jewish internet

former ussr
Belarus Synagogue Transferred Back to Community
Internet Project Aids in Honoring the Departed
Jewish Ambulance Service – Hatzolah Launched
Jewish University Two Years Old
Ukraine Jewish Community Opens Bris Center

Australia Jewish News

Is there a Jewish lobby?
Jewish New Zealand

spinning globe
Shorts: World


All Campuses of Hebrew Union College May Survive
Kosher sandwiches are now being sold on campus
O.U. Proposes Measures To Reduce Yeshiva Tuition
jewish culture
Jewish Moments in 'Star Trek'
Lag B'Omer
Many nations, one tribe: Oakland photojournalist on a quest to document Jewish diversity
The glass of language can be replenished
Tradition Today: Counting up
Whispering Flames: The Fire of Lag B'Omer
Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade
Think Again: Size is not the issue
funny stuff
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny?
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny? Part 2
Egyptian Investors Caught-Up In Massive Pyramid Scheme
Jewish Humor
WouldJew Believe #12
Horace J. Cohen 87
Conductor Mendi Rodan dies at 80
Boxer who survived Auschwitz by fighting dies in Israel
Ida (Katzeff) Feingold 98
Jerome L. "Jerry" Holub 86
Myer Mellman
Stanley Michelman
Richard Pardes
Dorothy Polakoff
Reiswerg, owner of Col. Bubbie's, dies at 77
Abraham Frederick (Fred) Rosen
Special Announcements
May 18 Mon- Lecture on Nazi Propaganda at Library of Congress May 18 at 12

European Division and the Hebrew Language Table of the Library of Congress Present:

What: Lecture-Nazi Propaganda: The Machinery of Evil
Lecture by Professor Gabriel Weimann

When: Monday, May 18, 2009 at Noon

Where: Pickford Theater, Library of Congress, Madison Building

dr gabriel weimannThis presentation by Dr. Gabriel Weimann, a Professor of Communication at Haifa University, Israel and at the American University, Washington, DC, will examine the social and psychological mechanisms activated by the sophisticated and powerful Nazi propaganda. The multi-media presentation includes posters, movies, speeches, public events, books, cartoons and other media used by the Nazis.

Program is free and open to the public.

For more information contact Gail Shirazi: 202-707-9897, gshi@loc.gov

Weimann is currently a visiting professor at the American University in Washington, D.C. His research interests include the study of media effects, political campaigns, persuasion and influence, media and public opinion, modern terrorism and the mass media. He is the author of five books including "Communicating Unreality," "The Influentials:
People Who Influence People," "The Theater of Terror," "Hate on Trial" and "The Singaporean Enigma."

Weimann's report titled "Terror on the Internet," which was published in 2007 by the nonpartisan, congressionally-funded U.S. Institute for Peace, has received much media attention. The report concludes that the potential for terrorist cyber-attacks over the Internet is an"overrated" threat. Instead he suggests that policymakers and journalists should focus on "the numerous uses that terrorists make of the Internet every day." These include psychological warfare; publicity and propaganda; data mining; fundraising; recruitment and mobilization; networking; sharing information and planning and coordination.

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