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Monday - 24 Iyyar 5769 - May 18, 2009

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Today's Headline News

Health: Do Medications Really Expire?
Anti-Semitism: The Ugly Side of Facebook
Beautiful punim, ‘Idol’ overdrive, Influence in Time, Night at the Jewish Museum?
book: Footsteps of David: Common Roots, Uncommon Valor
book: OZ - Chronicles of Courage - The Jewish Experience in the U.S. Military
book: Semper Chai!: Marines of Blue and White (and Red)
book: Tales of Valor - The Jewish Experience in the U.S. Military
First black female rabbi to take NC pulpit
Harry and Zion: Truman's Coup
Holiday Draws Sephardim to Santa Monica
Jews and Latinos: The Political Future
Latinos and Jews: Past, Present, Future
Militant anti-gay church turns its sights on Jews
My Virginia Shivah
Need more oomph? Just ask the ‘Double Energy Twins’
Orthodox Jews will rally against JCC Shabbat hours
Queen of Hearts Up Close and Very Personal With "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger
'Shalom' and 'Salaam': Day Schools Embrace Arabic
She fought back: Former Jewish partisan tells her story
Star Trek and God
Taking the Kids In Israel, History With a Whiff of Adventure
The Jewish Ethicist: Secret Strategy or Scam?
The People Revisit Leo Frank
Twelve Minutes To Last A Lifetime
What If 'Star Trek' is a Gift from God?
What is anti-Semitism?

Special Announcements

Ben Loeterman on the Making of 'The People v. Leo Frank'
German film on Jewish property wins prize
Israeli actress takes it to next level in ‘Angels & Demons’
Israeli film finds humor in border disputes
Law to lit: Attorney creates a post-modern parable
Shorts: Art
Asher Roth: Not a nice Jewish boy
Award winner’s greatest joy: investing in a ‘Jewish future’
Hey now!: SFSU honors star actor alum and S.F. native Jeffrey Tambor
JDate’s Challenge: Everyone Wants In
Queen of Hearts Up Close and Very Personal With "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger
She fought back: Former Jewish partisan tells her story
Writer, director, actress Karin Albou in interview

MAD Magazine's Yiddishe kup Stories with a Yiddish Twist
Michael Tilson Thomas's path led from Yiddish theater to Tanglewood
Whatever Happened to Time Spent Alone?
Yiddish Resource
31 women celebrate Jewish tradition
'Feder Sister' found fame in Borscht Belt
First black female rabbi to take NC pulpit
Jewish women's group reaches out to abused women, foster children
No More Maid
On This Day in History: May 15 Jewish Women Her Forte
Women’s talents remain sadly in the shadows

Doing good through fine dining
Is your kosher restaurant ethically certified?
Kosher restaurant and catering service coming to Des Moines
Neo-Kosher Cuisine at Kitchen Table
New Indictment Filed in Kosher Slaughterhouse Case
New kosher grape skin extract expands
One Year Later
Streit's: No Kosher-Nostra In Queens

5 arrested on suspicion of holding rabbi captive for 3 years
Anti-Semitism is rearing its head in Tel Aviv
Haredim clash with Messianic Jews in Rehovot
Jewish and Arab school friends just get along
Still cultivating his passion for avocados
Striving for peace despite terror
Surrounded: Palestinian Soldiers in the Israeli Military
Taking the Kids In Israel, History With a Whiff of Adventure
US, Israeli missile shields vie as allies eye Iran

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Turkey in the Mirror
White Paper anticipates ongoing Mid-East conflict

european union flag
Jewish cemetery desecrated in Oslo
Liverpool cuts funding for festival that includes 'anti-Semitic' play
The Europe of our dreams
Vienna university launches training course for Islam tutors


Harry and Zion: Truman's Coup
‘Jew’ Graffiti Confounds Experts
Latinos, Jews to Join in Historic Boyle Heights Celebration
Shorts: U.S.
Shooter's 'Columbine' Plan Spotlights Jewish Identity on Campus - Or Not

south america

Israeli FM expected to make July visit to Brazil

jewish internet
Jewish Identity in Independent India - The Cochin Jews
Jews of India
former ussr
Center for Judaic Studies Opens in Nizhny Novgorod
Four Celebrations for Kazan Jews
Jewish House of Books’ Inauguration in Moscow
Lag B'Omer in Krivoy Rog
Australia Jewish News

Celebrations in Sydney Draw Israeli Backpackers
Climbing Kilimanjaro for the kids
Leaders called to stand up for Einfeld
Maccabi all Jewish by 2010
Perth man charged over anti-Semitic videos
Tel Aviv's chief rabbi coming Down Under
Toben sentenced to three months jail
spinning globe
Cochin battles to save its shul
Shorts: World

Greater Hartford Gift From Henry M. Zachs To Build Trinity's Hillel Endowment
Health: Do Medications Really Expire?
'Shalom' and 'Salaam': Day Schools Embrace Arabic

jewish culture
Bar mitzvah parties don’t diminish the rite of passage
Independent school celebrates first b’nai mitzvah in 46 years
Pen Ultimate / Keep it short, twit
Rabbi translates prayers for modern world
So what if the rabbi said you can marry?

healthDoctor and rabbi team up to offer answers on suffering
Jewish NYC Public School Administrator Dies of Swine Flu
Virgin Islands Urged to Remain Vigilant Against H1N1 Virus

funny stuff
Jewish Humor
Old School Jewish Moms
Jack Bernstein
Norman "Bernie" Bernstein
Lily (Snowball) Brandeis
Horace J. Cohen
Charles Diament
Andrew S. Feldman
Si Frumkin dies at 78; Dachau survivor
Libby Glube
Brenda Grobman
Jewish NYC Public School Administrator Dies of Swine Flu
Elise Kapell, 94
Linda Jean Katz
Lion Koppman, chronicler of Jewish Americana, dies at 88
Shirley (Sheiner) Sonberg-Nadel
Adele Olodort
Morton Silverman, Malinow and Silverman Mortuary Principal, Dies at 99
Spotlight king dies at 63
Rabbi Max B. (Meir) Wall, 93
Special Announcements
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