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Monday - 10 Iyyar 5769 - May 4, 2009

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todays kosher recipes
Today's Headline News
An ancient Jewish community fights to survive
Do Jews Have a Jesus Problem?
Dov Levin: From Kovno to Jerusalem
Facebook for Seniors?
Health Alerts
Is Phillip Markoff Jewish?
It’s on the house? Swell, but at what cost to the Jews?
Jews are aborigines and the Christians love us
Life and Times of Amos Oz Traced in New Anthology
Lions and tigers and bears, oy vey!: Animals add purr-fect touch to safari b’nai mitzvah parties
Matzah and jam — and a valuable lesson
Rabbi Jack Moline has been named the Rabbnical Assembly's first director of public policy
Shoa commemoration recalls Sephardi victims
Synthesis Outside the Synagogue Young Washington Jews Form Lay-Led Worship Communities
To knife, to knife, L’Chaim!: Family heirloom plays a special role in a special wedding
What will our grandchildren say?
The Minority Within the Minority
When Jewish Scholars Fled to the South
Workmen in Poland find hidden Auschwitz letter
Special Announcements
'A Woman Called Golda'
Composer takes music from the Holocaust to the classroom
En Lucha, In Gerangl: On Edens and Utopias
Comedy Tackles Anti-Semitism
Film scores points with history of Jews and basketball
'Lemon Tree' a hit outside director's homeland
The Minority Within the Minority
Charlie Varon is a one-man fireball in riveting ‘Rabbi’
Family Affair / The Bivases
Generations Apart On Intermarriage
Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Northern California's Class of '09
Leonard Nimoy
Life and Times of Amos Oz Traced in New Anthology
‘Remember me?’ leads to ‘Will you marry me?’
Survivor’s memoir recalls horrific but ‘lucky’ childhood
Whatever you do, don’t let your first dance floor you
Airport flu scanners as global health alert increases
Deadlier Strain Would Overwhelm Health Systems
Jews at risk of passing on certain genetic disorders; Screening advised
Hydroxycut Recall may cause Liver Damage
Nation's Leading Treatment Center is Addressing Eating Disorders Within the Jewish Community
Officials say US deaths expected from swine flu
Solomon Islands issues swine flu alert
WHO Emergency Committee to reassess pandemic alert level
Alack and Alas, We've Lost Our Glottal Stop
Stories with a Yiddish Twist
Yiddish Resource

Jewish Women
Jewish Women Speak Out
‘Morah Yoga' brings kinesthetic learning to kids
New Political Woman
JFS Bergen asks help
Kosher Drinking
Kosher Soup for Charity
Los vinos kosher españoles cautivan al consumidor estadounidense
US: Kosher food sales on the increase 30 Apr 2009


Economic crisis prompting Israeli expats to return home
Israel picks US immigrant for new Washington envoy
Israel: Recognition of 'Jewish state' is crucial
Israel set to quit divided Lebanon border town
Israelis are playing the ‘Wedding Game’
Netanyahu: Israel will do everything to free Shalit
Palestinian 'intimidation forces' working to divide Jerusalem
Students Eat, Discuss Jewish History
Tel Aviv: The White City that remains young at heart
Travel: Another side of Israel
Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

An ancient Jewish community fights to survive
Ignoring Iran could lead to ‘bloodbath': Israeli columnist
Iran's Jewish Rorschach Test
Marginal Revolution: Airlifting Yemeni Jews
PA forces report 150 arrests in crackdown on armed militants
shorts: mideast

european union flag
Berlin Jewish Museum to expand
Daughter in Sweden: my father wrote Auschwitz bottle message
Excavation begins on Nazi-era mass grave
French 'Barbarians' on trial for Jewish man's murder
Israel's FM Avigdor Lieberman kicks off first tour abroad in Italy
Italy: Palestinian guerrilla leader released early from Italian jail
Nazi guard John Demjanjuk can be deported from US, court says
Slain Jewish man's family leaves trial
Trial of Ilan Halimi’s barbarian murderers opens in Paris behind closed doors
Cuba Cuba mission presentation offered by Congregation Shirat Hayam
Cuba trip ready to roll
flag 165 years old, Beth Israel's West Dallas Cemetery is oldest Jewish Cemetery
Creating a Jewish GDP
FDR pushed to get Jews to safety in 1930s
OU on Souter: Sometimes kosher, sometimes not
Scroll No. 58, one of 1,564 rescued Holocaust Torahs, is on permanent loan to Congregation Ohev Tzedek
Specter's switch ends tradition of moderate GOP Jewish voice
When Jewish Scholars Fled to the South

South America
Brazil dismisses Israeli protests over Ahmadinejad visit
Commission Names 13 Countries as Religious Freedom Violators
Brazilian Jews rally against intolerance
Freed's journey into the mind of 'architect of the Holocaust'
Hugo Chávez and Venezuela: a leader's destiny
Music of the Mind
Socialist Zionist Youth Protest Chavez Regime
The Politics of Intimidation
The Unthinkable Tenderness of Juan Gelman
Venezuela and Palestinians forge official ties
jewish internet
Daniel ben Shalom Music
Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return
Jewish Spain
Jewish Televison Network
Jewish Web Index
Ladino Books, Libros en Ladino
Yid Live
former ussr
Lieberman to Take Charge of Russian-Jewish Immigration
New Yad Vashem Web site tells story of murdered Soviet Jews
Australia Jewish News

Jewish New Zealand

spinning globe
Anti-Israeli at Supermarket Checkout Counter in Norway
Israeli teams are becoming the anti-pirate heroes of the world
Patil visits Auschwitz, terms mass murders as 'horrible'
short: world
South African Jews mixed on Zuma rise and election victory
Cornell Orthodox Jewish Community Proposes Ehruv on Campus
Jewish Studies professor continues search for mother
Students bring Darfur into view
Towson University's Hillel brought a camel onto our campus
When It Comes to Colleges, What's Leading Them Where?
jewish culture
In our modern world, how do we interpret animal sacrifice?
Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Northern California's Class of '09
Lost and found: The story of the Vengrov Torah
Showcasing A Cantorate In Transition
Skeptic’s views on Bible entertaining, respectful
funny stuff
Jewish Humor
Q & A Sarah Silverman, comedian, 38
Elaine Corinne Begun
Salamo Arouch, who died on April 26 at the age of 86
Jewish death camp boxer dead at 86
Rhoda Kohne
Helen Dicker Weisenburg
Mae Marks-Willenson
Zvi Kanar, 80, Mime of Wonder and Shoah Horrors

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