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Thursday - 20 Iyyar 5769 - May 14, 2009

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Today's Headline News
Baseball Talmud
Everyone Needs a 'Jewish Momma' — Even 'Real Housewives'
FeS2 or Iron Sulfide in Imported Chinese Drywall Sparks U.S. Health Alert
Friend Jay Feinberg, Save A Life
Has the Supreme Court Already Had a Hispanic Justice?
Holocaust Deniers Gather on Facebook
How Jewish are you?
Is anti-Semitism overblown? Defining 'Defamation'
JCC announces plans to set Saturday hours
Jew Haters Welcome At Facebook, As Long As They Aren’t Lactating
Line of beauty for beastly times
New Program Treats Eating Disorders in Observant Women
Offbeat Israel: 'Indiana Jones' Plot Comes to Life
Orthodox Group Stirs Kosher Pot With New Ethics Seal
Shake a Family Tree And a Jew Falls Out
Supreme Court contender mulls mezuzah bias case against condo board
Ten Jewish places to see before you die
The Jews and Antarctica
The kaddish debate continues
Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
Very Superstitious
What is anti-Semitism? A UCSB professor's controversial e-mail underscores the need to define a sensitive subject

Special Announcements


Bringing Dance to Observant Jews
The latest, from jazz to Jewish Latin
A Cohen by Any Other Faith
Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre at 50: Le Chayim!
Is the Gray Lady Making Amends to Jews?
Paula Abdul's pain over public addiction

Late-Blooming Poet
Partisan or Parasite?
Stories with a Yiddish Twist
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors...and Other "Aitzeh"/"Eytse" (Advice)
Yiddish Festival
Yiddish Resource
Budget gets praise and criticism from NCJW
Jewish Women
New Program Treats Eating Disorders in Observant Women
Play spotlights domestic abuse
Strength In Numbers
After Postville: Keeping kosher by caring for others
Crown Supermarket In West Hartford Sold To Longtime Customer will remain Kosher
Brooklyn Gas Stop, A Kosher Delight
Key Challenges and Issues Facing the Markettrend: Kosher- and Halal foods in the US
Ethical labor seal introduced for US kosher eateries
Keeping kosher with sustainable practices in mind
KRh Thermal Systems, Inc. Acquires NY-based Kosher Vending
NY food establishments earn new ethics seal
Orthodox Group Stirs Kosher Pot With New Ethics Seal
These Inspectors Stay Out Of The Kitchen
IAF commander: Iron Dome system will be deployed in 2010
IAF practicing MIG-29/F-16 dogfights
Israel blasts UN report on Cast Lead as 'patently biased'
Loving Jerusalem, With Maturity
Not quite walking on the Sea of Galilee
Voice of Israel Radio Agrees to Run Ad Against Assimilation

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Jews end annual pilgrimage to Africa's oldest synagogue

european union flag
Austrian guest house denies entry to Jews
Being Jewish in France (2007)
Die Zusammenarbeit festigen
French lawyer: Demjanjuk case shows that Nazi criminals can be pursued until their deaths
Hard Times Give New Life to Prague's Golem
Jewish groups boycott EU interfaith meeting
MOTs Meet Friend and Foe in Being Jewish in France
Tracing Scars From Wounds to a Minority
Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

Facing History combats prejudice from new office
Gallery parts ways with artist over politics
Hamas-friendly homework assignment: Parents shocked by anti-Israel bias in curriculum
Hebrew books donated to Barrie community
Medical faculty's poisoned pill
USY region gathers for spring convention
Youth Movements Day

flag Court To Weigh Sale Of Syosset Shul
Doctors group fights anti-Jewish bias
For Hoboken Synagogue, Shul Politics Means Mayoral Politics
Immigration raid leaves damaging mark on Postville, Iowa
LA Jewish, Latino communities to celebrate
President proclaims Jewish American Heritage Month
Seniors Are Building Jewish Life out West
Swastikas painted on sign at future Chandler Jewish center
US elected to UN rights council for first time
US House honors Rabbi Charles H. Rosenveig

south america

Draft resolution in support of Venezuelan Jews submitted to US
House resolution on Venezuelan Jews introduced
Pro-Chavez Web site Features Anti-Semitism
Shake a Family Tree And a Jew Falls Out
Venezuela Rejects Inter-American Human Rights Commission Report

jewish internet
Jewish Identity in Independent India - The Cochin Jews
Jews of India
former ussr

Australian charged over anti-Semitic video
Australia Jewish News

Jewish actress loses gig over play
Jewish festival 'neo-Nazi' ejection complaint dismissed
Line of beauty for beastly times
spinning globe
Hypocrisy At United Nations
Norwegian official threatened Jews during restitution talks

Jewish students meet
Festive Shabbat Meal
Wesleyan University Students Leave Campus, Stating Inadequate Security After Shooting

jewish culture

An organic utopia for the mentally challenged in Israel
FeS2 or Iron Sulfide in Imported Chinese Drywall Sparks U.S. Health Alert
New Program Treats Eating Disorders in Observant Women
The Gene Scene
funny stuff

Jewish Humor
Myer Mellman: Businessman had civic nature
Rabbi Wall, 'gifted, generous,' dies at 93
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