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Thursday - 27 Iyyar 5769 - May 21, 2009

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todays kosher recipes
Today's Headline News

After a Sensational Crime, a Trial Marked by Quiet
America's Unorthodox Orthodox Jews: A Conversation With Professor Jeffrey Gurock
An American Jew's guide to living in Israel
BREAKING: Feds Bust Riverdale Temples Bomb Plot; Rabbi Relieved
Commencement Speakers
Conservative Jews Decry Bias in the Israeli Army
Diaspora: Miracle in Barbados
Every Single Day Is "Tayer" (Precious)
Hank Azaria is the sound of a true star
Health: Do Medications Really Expire?
Heath: Nations urge WHO to change criteria for pandemic
High court strikes down 'Postville tactic'
Israeli Coffee Chain Expands Into Borat's Homeland

Jewish Orthodox rally - teach your kids values and stick to them
Language as a cultural bridge
Mir redden Yiddish in der Knesset
Orthodox Women To Be Trained As Clergy, If Not Yet as Rabbis
Rav Amar: Strawberries Kosher
Rabbinical Assembly beefs up Conservative movement presence in DC
Sephardic Stuff
The Great Cake Debate
The secret Jews of the Southwest
Why it matters that Madoff is Jewish

Special Announcements

Do Medications Really Expire?
Nations urge WHO to change criteria for pandemic
Swine Flu Is Still Here
WHO chief says she's not raising swine flu alert to highest level yet
A Touch Away: Mini-series Screenings
Artist Jonathan Blum restores rabbi mural on St. Roch Avenue
Barren Lusciousness
Dawn Upshaw with the Andalucian Dogs and the Brodsky Quartet
Leonard Cohen's New Controversy
Looking Backward, Dancing Forward
Playing with Gilbert and Sullivan
Streak of 'Jewish humanism' in new eco-friendly TV show
America's Unorthodox Orthodox Jews: A Conversation With Professor Jeffrey Gurock
An American Jew's guide to living in Israel
Hank Azaria is the sound of a true star
Rabbi at the Canneas Film Festival?
Woody Allen due in NY court over rabbi billboard
Commencement Speakers
David Bezmozgis: The Essays of Leonard Michaels
Every Single Day Is "Tayer" (Precious)
Mir redden Yiddish in der Knesset
Renowned poet Shimshon Meltzer to be commemorated on Tuesday
Yiddish concert
Yiddish Resource

For five local Jewish women, it's never too late for a bat mitzvah
Cheese and Thank You
City needs another kosher deli
First kosher food bank opens in Rhode Island
MK replaces COR as hechsher on airline meals
New kosher place in Gowanus/Carroll Gardens
Post-Rubashkin: NY eateries get ethics seal
Rav Amar: Strawberries Kosher
Kosher Today Headline News
Border Control / Nonexistent water
IDF Increases Water Saving Measures
Israeli intelligence issues Facebook warning
Israeli Press Skeptical of Obama-Netanyahu Negotiations
Jewish Activists Part With Bibi On Settlements
Ministry studying ways to add minerals to desalinated water
MKs warn opening Hebron route 'will endanger Jewish lives'
Netanyahu to get pressured to OK Palestinian state
Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Anti-Semitism or anti-zionism?
Yemeni Jews to emigrate secretly

european union flag
Austrian leader slams extreme-right's anti-Israel posters
Candle-Themed Birthday for Cyprus Girl
Conciliatory tones over Austrian concentration camp attack
'Dreyfus Intime' in Berlin before Prague, Tel Aviv and Budapest
French gov't seeks to compensate Jews
Rightist political crimes rise in Germany
The Brits And Israel: Walled In By Prejudice?
Things have changed in Poland, chief rabbi says
World Jewish Congress leaders to meet with Vatican official and Italy’s PM
Diaspora: Miracle in Barbados
A Touch Away: Mini-series Screenings
Female scribe to pen Reconstructionist shul’s new Torah
Freedom of Expression and Palestine Advocacy
IB Singer's talented sister overshadowed by her brothers
Laura Rosen Cohen: The $100,000 anti-Jewish teenage graffiti hate crusade. Or not
Les Affaires sociales à la C.S.U.Q.
March to Jerusalem, street festival on different days
McGill Ghetto Shul raises funds in Toronto
Singer blends Jewish and Irish songs
Toronto man honoured for fostering Polish-Jewish ties
USY region gathers for spring convention

High court strikes down 'Postville tactic'
Jewish School In Lockdown After Rapper Shot at Beverly Center
New anti-Semitism described in Wesleyan shooting
Police Find Anti-Jewish Book In Accused Shooter's Motel Room
Wexler Asks Jewish Constituents for Faith in Obama

south america
Anti-Semitic Protests turn Violent in Buenos Aires
Anti-Semitic violence stirs concern in Argentina
Argentine Jews baffled by anti-Semitic attacks
Brazil welcome the launch of direct El Al starts nonstop flights
District attorney opposed the release of 5 arrested for the anti-Semitic attack
Jews and anti-Semites clash in Argentina
Police arrest racist demonstrators in Argentina
Two injured in riots at Buenos Aires' Israel Day parade

jewish internet
Sephardic Stuff
former ussr
Center for Judaic Studies Opens in Nizhny Novgorod
Four Celebrations for Kazan Jews
New Jewish Center in Krivoy Rog
Tomsk Synagogue Reconstruction Underway

A call for leadership
Australia Jewish News

Controversial play about Israel has desired effect
Jews, extreme leftists clash in Australia over anti-Israel play
The Good Rabbi At Sydney's Crisis Centre
spinning globe
Sephardic Stuff

Food For Thought
McGill Ghetto Shul raises funds in Toronto

jewish culture
Leave the Gleanings
On Shavuot, a Covenantal Reminder
Orthodox Women To Be Trained As Clergy, If Not Yet as Rabbis
Rabbinical Assembly beefs up Conservative movement presence in DC
Sephardic Stuff
The secret Jews of the Southwest
funny stuff
Jewish Humor

obitsStuart J. Abrahams
Robert Applestone
Linda Bayer
Lily Allegra Benveniste
Celeste (Hanline) Cohan
Natalie Raker Cohn (1922 - 2009)
Phyllis Kahn Fisher
Bonnie Sue Frank
Sidelle Frankel
Nelson Garelick
Jewish feminist author Gerstl dies aged 76
Lillian Ginsburg
Victor Hermelin
Wayne B. Hersher
Nancy Goldstein King
Florence Koenig
Marilyn Kronick
Jonie M. Lehmann 40
Annabelle "Belle" C. Annabelle Cohen Lustig
Stephanie J. Moyle
Murray Munves
Greg Palmer
Libby (Silverman) Pinkes
Annette Lee Weisman Silverstone
Lilly (Herskovics) Spira
Sylvia Tannenbaum, 86
Laura W. Wallerstein
Rabbi Gerald I. Wolpe

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