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Thursday - 13 Iyyar 5769 - May 7, 2009

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Today's Headline News
A Girl Called Estherke
A serious case of BlackBerry loathing
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny?
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny? Part 2
Choosing a Jewish Future
Cruise Ships
From Sex Abuse to Survival
Latin soul with klezmer roots: Meet the Jewish Manu Chao
Post-Postville: A Year After the Raid
Real Friends
Rest in Peace Bea Arthur
Samela's Shammash
Swine Flu Ethics - A Jewish response to the potential swine flu pandemic
The Jewish Ethicist: Bad Buyer
The Jewish Ethicist: Job Hunt Disclosure
The Smallest Good Deed
Treyf Tactics in Postville
"Tsen" (10) Letters, Notes And Press Releases
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Postville Tactic
WouldJew Believe #12
Special Announcements

Author Keeps Syrian Jewish Community Alive In New Cookbook
Crafting Beauty From Despair: Violins of Hope
Forever innocent
Forman's complaint
Latin soul with klezmer roots: Meet the Jewish Manu Chao
Under Felix's baton
A Girl Called Estherke
Author grew up Jewish … and obsessed with baseball
From Sex Abuse to Survival
Lainie Kazan's 'Oy Vey' Moment
Mandy Patinkin: One Singular Sensation
Mixing religion, politics jeopardizes democracy: author
Samela's Shammash
Tuesdays with Morrie stars Hal Linden
Writing in My Father’s Footsteps
Mexico lowers health alert level
Raccoon droppings a hazard, says NYC health official
World's alarm system fails to stop flu virus spreading
Cruise Ships
Rest in Peace Bea Arthur
Stories with a Yiddish Twist
"Tsen" (10) Letters, Notes And Press Releases
Yiddish Resource

A day at the spa with Mom
Arriving At Sinai
Jewish Women
Comptroller: Problems with Jerusalem Trips, Kashrut Supervision
Budget Cuts Spoil Kosher Meals for Elderly
First Ever Training Event For Mashgichot'?
Kosher women’s shelter expanding as demand grows
El Al launches third daily flight to U.K.
Fires blaze as heatwave sweeps country
'Invasion' of Diaspora Jews stalls
Israel's Pull
Israeli survivors cope better with trauma: study
Miracles Happen Here: Aliyah Chronicles #9
Netanyahu's Pick for Envoy Often at Odds With U.S.
The Jewish case for the Israel Democracy Institute
Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Iran’s Jewish Rorschach Test
Iraq refuses to compensate Jews
Yemen's Jews are uneasy as hostility grows

european union flag
Berlin rabbi compares present to 1930s Europe
British MP sues Jewish leaders, Kenney
France seeks ban on 'anti-Semitic' election candidates
„Haben wir nicht den gleichen Vater?“
Poland for the initiated
Portuguese Community Showing There's Strength in Small Numbers
A survivor's tale to tell
Adoration explores the nature of terrorism and martyrdom
CCRJ office to close as Reform restructures
CJPAC party links politicians, young professionals
Facing History combats prejudice from new office
Jewish bikers ride to remember the Shoah
La S.A.C.R.: un bilan très positif
Mountain Equipment Co-op boycott motion defeated
Montreal's festival of distinction
Quand le Judaïsme dialogue avec l’Islam
Winnipeg Jewish seniors centre loses major funder
The Torah Finds Its Cuban Voice
AIPAC Confronts A New Reality as Obama’s Agenda Becomes Clear
Building Jewish Futures in Reno, Nevada
Jews unchanged in support for Obama
In Olens' run, will religion matter?
Post-Postville: A Year After the Raid
Prosecutors Ask Judge To Throw Out Case Against Aipac Staffers

south america

A Tour of Jewish Buenos Aires
Argentina Wouldn't Receive Ahmadinejad
Brazilians protest against Iranian leader's upcoming visit
Death of alleged plotters not end of story in Bolivia
El Al lands in Brazil
En Buenos Aires, kinus (congreso) de Avodá sobre antisemitismo
Es argentino el nuevo Párroco de Gaza, se trata del sacerdote Jorge Hernández,
Iran's Ahmadinejad Cancels Brazil Trip Indefinitely
Principal medio de prensa israelí ataca una de las leyes básicas ...
jewish internet
Jewish Genealogy
Jewish Law
Jewish Motorcyclists
Jewish Nutrition
Jewish Pen Pals
Jewish Scouting
Jewish Stories
former ussr
Former Soviet Prisoner Tells Stories of Oppression and Jewish Pride
Former Soviet Union: Elderly At Risk
JDC to Build Jewish Community Center At Babi Yar
Sale of Jewish Property in Lithuania Thwarted
Australia Jewish News

Byron murder charges dropped
Eulogy by Sam Lipski at Richard Pratt’s funeral service
Farewell to a big man
Jewish New Zealand

spinning globe
Armenians renovate unknown Jewish cemetery
Forman's complaint
JDL objects to ‘Israel/Palestine’ conference at York
U of T faculty club renames its card room
jewish culture
Grilling Sparks up Shavuot Dairy Fare
Holding God's Hand
Newest First Oldest First
'NY Israelis have high level of Jewish involvement'
The Hitchhiker's Guide to God
funny stuff
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny?
Are Jewish Stereotypes Funny? Part 2
Egyptian Investors Caught-Up In Massive Pyramid Scheme
Jewish Humor
WouldJew Believe #12
Charles "Chuck" Abramovitz
Horace J. Cohen 87
Mary Ann Fellman Feibelman 96
Anne Goldsmith, 91
Florence Betty "Betsy" Phillips Horowitz
Ralph Loewenstein, 87
Sylvia Levine Margolis
Dorothy Polakoff
Anne Susan Schechter
Frank Seigel, 97
Melva S. Tofsky
Miriam (Marian) Zimmerman
Special Announcements
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