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Monday 21 Sivan 5772- Jun 11, 2012
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Former USSR - CIS

Defects & Recalls
Middle East
special announcements
book: Jewish West Virginia
Seymour "Sy" Brody's Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America Exhibits
Shaare Tefila to Host "Taste of Judaism" and "Taste of Shabbat" programs Twice a Month During April-June
Jewish Museum of Australia Presents Aleph Bet opens with a FREE family-friendly opening day
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs New Listing Tell your Friends that need a Job
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todays schmooze news
Architect Moshe Safdie on the “Bilbao Effect”
Bagels and Jocks: A Weekly Examination of the Jewish Sports World
Daddy and I: The Same, But Different
Edward Koch Quotes
Escaping the Nazis, with a violin
Ess, Mameleh, Ess: Raising a Healthy Jewish Child
50 most influential Jews: 41-50
Finding Jewish Life in Eastern Europe
From LA surfer girl to a lone soldier in one of Israel's toughest units
Hispanos and Sephardic ancestry
Is global warming a major Jewish issue? It should be.
Israeli President Peres and Bob Dylan Have Something in Common
Israel sends 'unconventional' envoy
Out Of The Shul And Into The Bar
Patinkin pays tribute to Yiddish music
Poem of the Week: The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
Sarajevo, 1992-2012: What Future for a Broken Society?
Steven Spielberg Pays Tribute to Late Ray Bradbury
The Idiots Guide to Wooing Jewish Women
The Paradox of the Mechitza
Two Sassoons
Yukking it up in Israel

This Day In Jewish History
Jewish Publications, Magazines, and Newspapers

artsAudio: Sarah Aroeste Revives Sephardic Ladino Music with New Beats
Finely Crafted Ladino Songs
Jewish Theatre of Pittsburgh returns to Rodef Shalom
Judeo-Moroccan culture shared through art
New award for Kosher Cookbook
Poem of the Week: The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
Steve Rosenberg and friends dip into their trove of early music instruments
Susana Behar shares songs from her Sephardic ancestry
Yukking it up in Israel

Jewish Stories by Marnie Winston-Macauley
Stories with a Yiddish Twist by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Works for You 24/7: Quarantine Stations
DEET, Showers, and Tick Checks Can Stop Ticks
Healthy Travel to the 2012 Olympic Games
Prevent carbon monoxide (CO) Poisoning
Skin Cancer Awareness: Protect Your Skin
Tourette Syndrome: Mike's Story
2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Results


FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts
Recent Food Recalls
All Other Recalls
Science & Technology
science and technology Engineered Robot Interacts With Live Fish
Hubble Spots a Bright Spark in a Nearby Spiral Galaxy
Microbes Discovered in Extreme Environment on South American Volcanoes
NASA's Spitzer Finds First Objects Burned Furiously
New Property of Flames Sparks Advances in Technology
Parasitic Plants Steal Genes from Their Hosts
Pregnancy: Why Mother's Immune System Does Not Reject Developing Fetus as Foreign Tissue
Quantum Computers Move Closer to Reality, Thanks to Highly Enriched and Highly Purified Silicon
Scientists Discover Huge Phytoplankton Bloom in Ice-Covered Waters
U.S. Experienced Second Warmest May, Warmest Spring on Record, NOAA Reports
businessChina Business Seeks White, Jewish Male To Bolster Credibility
Crown Heights Keeps the Peace, One Kosher Frank at a Time
G. Willi-Food Reports Q1 2012 Sales up 4.6% From Q1 2011
Hong Kong Billionaire Enters Israeli Phone Market
How sweet it is for Hopedale chocolate company
Jewish Women
jewiish womenAuthentically Egalitarian
Better After 50?
Female Rabbi Joins the Ultimate Men's Club
From LA surfer girl to a lone soldier in one of Israel's toughest units
Goodbye, Sisters
Hear her now? Dr. Ruth isn't done speaking up
Israeli feminist organizations target broadcast authority for 'silencing women'
Q&A: Dvora Meyers, Unorthodox Gymnast
Q&A: Shira Hadasha's Rahel Berkovits
The Martyred Woman of Valor: Dulcea of Worms
The Paradox of the Mechitza
Video: The Book of Sarah
Women only 'get' misery
Why Our Daughters Should Learn to Use Tefillin
Why Judaism Needs Feminism
Today's Kosher Recipes
todays kosher recipes
Chocolate Yogurt Cake
Cooking with natural peanut butter
Fennel and pear soup
Flaky Bourekas That Crumble in Your Mouth
Kid-sized blueberry pie
The Ultimate Blueberry Muffin

Measurement Conversion
peopleArchitect Moshe Safdie on the “Bilbao Effect”
Despite loss, Israeli chess grandmaster wins fans
Hockey player inducted into Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Interview with Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom
Israeli President Peres and Bob Dylan Have Something in Common
Lieberman: Is he the most demonised Jew in the world?
Sheila Chadwick, Fairfax County schools employee
Steven Spielberg Pays Tribute to Late Ray Bradbury
Two Sassoons
Campus News
campusConservative Movement Likely To Suspend College Outreach
Deconstructing your Jewish identity on campus
Group to host dinner celebrating Shabbat 100
Hillel's Big Night
Jewish prof. says she lost her job at Texas A&M for complaining about crosses
Koach may be put on hold
New minority label at CUNY: 'Jewish'
UCSD Hillel Turned Down by Community Planning Association
Jewish Culture
faith cultureB'nai B'rith to relocate DC archives to Cincinnati
Daddy and I: The Same, But Different
Jews say no to online porn; Mormons applaud
Long-awaited Chabad Center to Open in Tacoma, Washington
Out Of The Shul And Into The Bar
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Orders Shas to Back 'Regulation Law'
The Gift Of Unity
Video: The Book of Sarah
Weekly Torah Portion
Kashrut / Kosher
kosherAs Economic Troubles Deepen, Kosher Food Banks on the Rise
COR unveils new vegetarian, vegan hechsher
First Time: Kosher Beef In Japan Supermarket
How sweet it is for Hopedale chocolate company
Kosher Traveler: Blending Traditions in Haifa
Laura Chenel's Chèvre Announces Kosher Certification
What type of hot dogs are you buying?
Jerusalem Kosher News The Kosher Blog Kosher Today Headline News
israel flag
IDF: Ultra-Orthodox recruits can plug gap in technical units
Israel has true vision
Israelis, learn Arabic
Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state
Israel sends 'unconventional' envoy
Jerusalem Plans Massive Tourism Expansion--200 More Hotels

Think again: Sinai and Jewish unity
Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News
United States of America
flag of the united statesA Synagogue Grows in St. Paul's Chape
New Mosque in the Heart of Large US Jewish Neighborhood
Trumbull synagogue makes history
Without 'miracle,' Quincy's last Jewish temple to close

Jews of the United States

canadaCOR unveils new vegetarian, vegan hechsher
Faces of our Jewish community
House of Commons repeals anti-hate law
Immigration bill’s impact cause for concern
JNF brings Negev Dinner to SW Ontario
Mayor Tremblay to head Israel trade trip
New synagogue plans to attract unaffiliated Jews
Our City Our World / Jewish Community
Prenuptial contracts for marrying couples required by some Orthodox synagogues in Montreal
The Jews of Manitoba, or 'The centre of its own Diaspora'
Toronto city council condemns term ‘Israeli apartheid’
Yukking it up in Israel

Jewish Canada
europeBrutal Anti-Semitic Assault Wounds Three Chabad Youth in France
Deal in Holland Allows Kosher Slaughter
Finding Jewish Life in Eastern Europe
French Police Arrest Two in Connection With Villeurbanne Assault
Hungarian prime minister 'indignant' over Jewish cemetery attack
Jewish celebration in Rome canceled to honor earthquake victims
Jewish museum in Ireland seeks $13m. expansion
New German president begins official visit to Israel with welcome from Peres
Out and about in Jewish Berlin
Queen Elizabeth Blessed by Chief Rabbi of Britain on Her Jubilee
Rebirth of Jewish life in Berlin
Sarajevo, 1992-2012: What Future for a Broken Society?

European Jewish Press
Greater Middle East
middle eastFake refugees farce must end
In warning to West, Iran says fresh round of nuclear talks may end in failure
Jewish leader's murder sparks fear in Yemenite community
Once Tolerated, Alcohol Now Creates Rift In Tunisia
Report: Jewish tourists in Jordan assaulted
Sephardi roots lead photog to vibrant culture in Turkey
Tunisian parliament might reserve two seats for Jews
Wiping Palestinian Refugee Rights Off the Map 2
New Sefer Torah For Hong Kong

former USSR CISChabad School in Lugansk Hosts National Academic Competition
Holocaust Marker Vandalized In Belarus
Hundreds of Former Soviet Jews Gather to Celebrate Heritage
Jewish Ritual Bath Unveiled in Outlying Moscow Neighborhood
Jews meet in Moldova to celebrate heritage
New Mikvah In Moscow
Was Kiev Beating Anti-Semitic Act?

Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
Oceana - Australia - New Zealand
australia and new zealand flags
Ambassador visits Charedi training centre
Aussies to dig in Israel
Australian lawmakers urge Olympic moment of silence
Australian Limmud Scraps Controversial Panel
Bialik celebrates seven splendid decades
Progressives say 'sorry' to first Australians
Jewish Australia Jewish New Zealand Jewish Perth Blog Jews of Tahiti
Latin America
latin americaCuba Extends Welcome
From Cuban cell, Gross thanks Jewish community for support
Jewish Dental Practitioner Arrives in Costa Rica and Slips by Customs
Museum explores 3 waves of Jewish immigration to Costa Rica
NY Rabbi Meets Cuban Diplomats to Urge Release of Alan Gross

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