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Friday - 10 Sivan 5768 - June 13, 2008
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Today's Kosher Recipes
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Today's News

New Hermitage-Guggenheim museum in Vilnius to house centre on ‘Litvaks’
2008 CJA will take care of Montrealers first
Blacks most frequent hate-crime target in Canada
Canada joins Israel in discussing terror threat
Doctor quits rather than treat ailing man
Father, daughter co-authors win book award
First Nations group supports Israel
Military recruitment targets Jewish community
Montreal bagels eaten in outer space
Montreal pediatrician helped give birth to international revival
Peace Now made the ‘unthinkable thinkable’
Une grande star d’Israël, Mosh Ben Ari

Apex of Yiddish theater makes its way to Davies Hall
Thank you, Tatty, for all the learning!
'The Dream Cake of Chelm,' a Yiddish tale

Candidly speaking: The haredi offensive against religious Zionism
Everyone Has a Story
The Jewish Channel on Demand Launches on Time Warner Cable's New York City Region
The Jewish Ethicist - New Kid in Town

An obsolete monopoly
Conservative rabbi visits Postville
It may be kosher, but it still sounds screwy
Kosher Meat Now Seen In Short Supply
Kosher meat prices, always higher, are on the rise

CDC Offers Answers to Common Salmonella Questions
CDC Says 3 Lotions Work
CDC: Take steps to avoid heat-related illness
Consumers worry about food safety, survey finds
State confirms 27 cases of salmonella linked to tomatoes
Stay safe from sick tomatoes

Black Jewish filmmaker sets out to capture her identity
Empowering Jerusalem's women through folklore fairs
Filmmaker raises awareness about social issues
Finding my inner Carrie Bradshaw
Israeli scientist wins L’Oreal Prize
Rabbi Gloria Rubin
Rabbi Lilly Kaufman
The World on a Platter
Women Get Respect - Part 1
Women Get Respect - Part 2
Women’s groups petition against possible annulment of conversions

Barak: Labor to vote for dissolution of Knesset
First Arab Muslim accepted to kibbutz
Hamas fires 18 mortar rounds on kibbutz
Israel is 60, Zionism is Dead, What Now?
Jerusalem stops employing Jewish students on Shabbat
Karnit Goldwasser graduates, without Ehud
Kuntar to be freed by July?
NY Jewish group departs from Israeli gov't line, will aid Falashmura
Rattling the cage: Giving up the Golan - the most painful concession
State renews efforts to bring disputed Jewish manuscript collection from Russia
'We are trying to stay calm'

Israeli film on suicide bomber to open Moscow festival
Nelson's Hebrew soul sound
Passage from Iraq
The Evolution of the Silver Jews
“Zohan” provides humor, shiny hairstyles, progressive outlook on Israeli-Arab conflict

Author, Lecturer, Peace Activist Rabbi Irwin Kula
Rabbi Lookstein Remembers It Well
Rabbi Zevulun Charlop stepping down, stepping up at Yeshiva University
grave stone
Nancy S. Dworman

usa flag
Gates recommends Schwartz to head Air Force
Review: Troubling passages in texts at Va. school
US Commission Finds Troubling Texts at Virginia-Based Saudi Academy

Ambassador in London: Britain is a ‘hotbed for radical anti-Israeli sentiment’
Drumroll please: Uganda's only rabbi gets a rousing send-off
El Salvador seeks award for consul who saved Jews
Few Jordanians will mention ‘Israel’
Hungarian army officer who saved Jews during WWII commemorated at EU parliament
IsraAID provides relief in Burma
Jordan jails Hamas cell plotting attacks
Lufthansa to launch credit card for Israeli flyers
Should 'Mein Kampf' be published again? Responses are varied
Two Jews given Australia's top honor
We must hold the UN to a higher standard

Dutch’s Meats Recalls E. Coli Tainted Meat
ETHEX Corporation Voluntarily Recalls a Single Lot of Morphine
NEC Recalls 860000 Notebook PCs, Ministry Says (Update1)
Stores Pull Tomatoes
The Children's Place Recalls Camouflage Pajama Sets

T O R A H F A X - Torah on the spot for people on the go

Thursday, Sivan 9, 5768 / June 12, 2008

This week's Parsha, Beha'alotcha begins with G-d's instructions to Aaron concerning the lighting of the Menorah.

Instead of using the word "Lehadlik" which means to "kindle," the Torah uses the word "Beha'alotcha" which literally means to "elevate."

Torah sages discuss the reason for this and many solutions have been suggested. Some say that Aaron had to climb several steps in order to light the Menorah.

Although the Menorah was not high and he would have been able to clean and kindle the Menorah standing on the ground, Aaron was wearing a plate on his forehead with G-d's name engraved on it. Therefore, he was not permitted to lift his hands beyond the plate. Thus, he had to go up the steps to kindle the Menorah.

Another explanation is that the lights of the Menorah represent the Jewish soul - Neshama, which is compared to a candle. Just as the flame of the candle draws upward, so too, the Neshama is drawn "upward" to be connected with G-d, its creator.

Aaron's mission was to "uplift" the Jewish souls so that it will strive to connect to G-d, just as the flame of the candle continuously strives to go upward.

"Be of the disciples of Aaron," says Hillel the Elder in Pirkei Avot. "Love peace, and pursue peace, be one who loves his fellow men and draws them near to the Torah."

The Zohar asks why we do not stay still whenever we study Torah or pray, but rather move to and fro? The Zohar replies, "The Jewish soul is derived from G-d's Holy fire. When it studies Torah or is involved in prayer, the soul is connected to its source and like the fire of a candle that constantly flickers back and forth, the soul, which is G-d's candle, also moves.

The Midrash tells us that the idea of lighting the menorah in the Temple surprised the Jewish people. They said, "Is there any darkness before G-d that He needs our light?"

G-d replied, "It is not for My benefit that I command you to kindle the light in the Temple. It is for your merit." The Menorah in the Holy Temple brought forth spiritual and holy light to the Jewish nation and to the entire world.

Before the days of electricity, Russia's main streets were lit by kerosene lamps. Each night, a city employee would make the rounds and light these lamps to illuminate the street.

"The function of a Jew is to be a lamp-lighter," said Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber of Lubavitch. "It is not enough to feel spiritually enlightened and warmed by the light of ones soul, one must also use their spiritual fire and make an effort to light up the candle/soul of another Jew by bringing them closer to Torah and Mitzvot."





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