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Thursday - 19 Sivan 5769 - June 11, 2009

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todays kosher recipes
Today's Headline News
A Visit to Piltz
Gunman Opens Fire at Holocaust Museum, Killing Security Guard
Flash of Light
Is one Jewish state one too many?
Job Hunting Wisdom Comes With The Years
Mercedes-Benz Tales--with A Jewish Flavor
National Geographic: Distorted & Deceptive
The Jewish Ethicist: Bottom of the Barrel
Visitors to Israel from the Far East discover a brilliant, new monitoring system: the mezuzah
When Moses Saved the Man of Steel
World Health Organisation close to raising alert to highest level for swine flu
Special Announcements

Body chemistry changes that lead to type 2 diabetes begin several years before symptoms
Bubonic Plagued squirrel marks first Boulder County case
Depression Raises Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
FDA Is Urged to Approve Drugs for Adolescent Use
Five Australians in intensive care with H1N1
WHO close to raising alert to highest level for swine flu
Author looks at ethnicity in America through Jewish runner's experience
Jewish Theatre drops Traveling from its name
We are not talking about Yiddish theatre: Jewish Theater Alive and Well in NY
A Life Cut Short
Bayonne rabbi still 'keeping the light on' for future generations
The Making of a Capitalistic Pig
Meet Moshe, college grad at 11
My Mother's Faults
Raising Yehuda
The brilliance of Sacha Baron Cohen
The Entitled Child
Who I Am Person

Mercedes-Benz Tales--with A Jewish Flavor
Yiddish Resource
jewish culture
Chabad rabbi aims to clarify remarks on killing civilians
Fiddler on the Roof
National Jewish burial society tries to stem increased cremation
The Jewish Ethicist: Evaluating the Teacher
The Jewish Ethicist: Favorable Judgment
The Jewish Ethicist: Bottom of the Barrel
Why Not Intermarry?

Granite Shield has received Kosher certification
Kosher meat plant could be sold soon
Mars chocolates now certified Kosher
Moscow: Kosher Food Online
Want kosher food? Try deli at Wilkes-Barre YMCA
White Light Tooth Whitening System For Home Use
Kosher Today Headline News

A New Day in the Knesset
Drought levy impossible to implement in current form - officials
Flash of Light
Is one Jewish state one too many?
Netanyahu's seven-word formula
The End of the Clash of Civilizations? Rock the Casbah!
The Settlements Myth

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Y-Net News
J News

Hezbollah Coalition May Win Lebanon Vote in Tilt Away From US
Top Ten Myths about the Middle East Conflict

european union flag
A Visit to Piltz
'Being Jewish in France' misses nuances
Rescue Inside Buchenwald
cuban flagCUBA
Havana Jewish school's class of 1959 reunites
Jews of Cuba
flag of mexicoMexico
Jewish Mexico

flag of canadared maple leaf

Jewish Canada

flag of the united states
Arkansas shooter researched Jewish sites
Jewish shops of an old Atlantic City
Long Strike at Chicago Hotel Pits Jew Against Jew
Sammy Davis Jr.’s Menorah Fails To Sell
Jews of the United States

south america

flag of argentinaArgentina

Jewish Argentina
flag of brasilBrasil

Jewish Brasil

flag of Chile


Jewish Chile

flag of venezuelaVenezuela

Jewish Venezuela

jewish internet
A Visit to Piltz
Association Sapeurs-Pompiers France Israel
Ladino Books, Libros en Ladino
former ussr

Moscow: Kosher Food Online
Ukrainian Jewish charity vandalized

Australia Jewish News

spinning globe
India blacklists Israeli defense company

flag of MoroccoMorocco

Jewish Morocco
flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

Jewish South Africa

Rutgers Hillel dinner pays tribute to leaders
funny stuff
Family Guy 2
Jewish Humor
Laughter Yoga: A Real Stretch
My Mother's Mouth
Not Your Typical Nice Jewish Boy
New Jewlarious Blog #2

Adeline C. Briman, 97, of Topeka
Felicia Ann Cutler 48
Rabbi Herbert Davis
Ruth "Boots" Davis
Adele Eckstein
Judge Ronald Werner Elias 78
Former Canadian Senator Sheila Finestone passes away
Jeanne Sugar Hurwitz 80
Patricia E. Kubel
Joseph Samuel Levine 93
Nona F. Libenson 79
Sally Roan 89
Barbara Tanenbaum, age 72
Elaine (Smuckler) Tenenbaum
Nancy Paula Goldberg Todes 72
Hilda (Liener) Waitzman, 86

This Weeks Birthdays and Aniversaries
  • Happy Birthday to Ariana Moreno of Kona, HI
  • Happy Birthday to Hedy Massey Osmunson of Virginia Beach, VA
  • Happy Birthday to Carey Fruman Leichter of Grand Forks, ND
  • Happy Birthday to Gov Siegel of Washington DC
  • Happy 48th Aniversary to Irene and Allen Levine of Long Island NY
  • Happy Aniversary to Lisa & Joel Friedman of Vienna VA
  • Happy Aniversary to Dale & Albert Citron of Vienna VA
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