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Monday - 8 Elul 5768 - September 8, 2008
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Today's News
Can an unknown Israeli save the world from ecological disaster?
Haredi rabbis call for renewal of ban on Jews entering Temple Mount
Hot air balloon to fly from Israel's tip to tail for first time
Israel eyeing all-Israeli workforce
Jerusalem ancient walls unveiled
Kadima MK Backs Jewish Settlement In Hebron
Kibbutzim enjoy long-awaited comeback as defectors come home
Kidnapped Israeli freed in Nigeria


A Look at the kosher meat industry in North America
A paler shade of white
Kosher Products Keep The Jewish Population At The Pulse of Modern Technology
New generation of cooks offers hip take on kosher
Postville Mandates Broader Response
What has not been said about the Agriprocessors debate

A guide to Maimonides's Cordoba
Egypt, Saudi Arabia to protect Jewish state's borders?
Employees At Largest Jewish Non-Profit in Argentina: Proud to Belong
Jewish culture day presents musical traditions to the public
Jewish prayer books, bibles trashed by Ukrainian customs
Kanczuga Remembers Its Jews and Their Synagogue
Moscow Project Aids Jewish Schoolchildren
Poland urged to celebrate rich Jewish heritage
Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

Jewish group seeking change to Canada election date
Jewish groups unfazed by alleged Toronto El Al plot

Duke Jews put Hebrew twist on happily ever after
Letters to the editor - Jewish Journal _ Campus Antisemitism
Submissions to Senate inquiry highlight campus bias
Thousands Of Yeshiva Students Eligible For Free Tutoring Services

Chabad envoy to Alaska: Palin staunch friend of Jews
Creativity, courage needed in 1918 — just as they are now
Daily Minyan, Kosher Box Lunches For Jewish Guests in Twin Cities
Dallas area Jewish schools get funds for special needs education
Do Florida Jews Hold Key To White House?
New Orleans Jews Prepare To Return
Stars come out for Jews in Cuba; Fall in love with Judaism
Why the Jewish Vote matters - a guide


Family affair / The Yegers
Rabbi Leah Kroll takes solo trip to fulfill aliyah dreams
Unsung Holocaust hero celebrates 100th

jewish culture
Entrepreneurs Find Ways to Make Technology Work With Jewish Sabbath
Jews must stand up for justice in the workplace
Jews Prefer Living Among Gentiles
Songs of a Lost Tribe’s Longing
Supreme Moslem Council: Temple Mount is Jewish
Why Jews are disproportionally successful

grave stone

August 2008 Obituaries

David Jacobs, Quincy's last rabbi, dies at 81
Doris Lee Rutchik 'Dubby' Bergman
Jewish activist is slain in his real-estate office

Festival mixes world music with klezmer
Is the Dialect of Vilna Yiddish the One We Want To Rely On?

Comparison of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Vitamin D3
Listeria warning for Labrador
Salmonellosis outbreak prompts sprout recall
Water unfit to drink in Queensland resort towns after E. coli outbreak

Celebrity Grapevine
Dance of the ages
Keeping It Cool
Screen Savors: So wrong, it's right
Silver Jews On A Pleasure Cruise
Todays Kosher Recipes

apples and honey

Today's News
Today's Kosher Recipes

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