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Thursday - 28 Elul 5769 - September 17, 2009

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Advice From A Florida "Snowbird"
Dismantling "Der Kinder-tsimer"
Jewish Cornell student dies of swine flu complications
Men & Women: Are They Cut From The Same "Shtof"?
Men's "Gatkes" - An Economic Barometer?
Onward, Jewish Soldiers
Reality "Televisye'* With Hummus
Rosh Hashana, Circa 1919
Sharp rise seen in number of young Israelis suffering from Hodgkin's
Son of late Israeli astronaut dies in plane crash
The Jewish Ethicist: Investing with Charity Dollars
This Day, September 15, In Jewish History
Virginia Jewish center vandalized again
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High Holy Days Schedules for:
Alexandria - Chabad Lubavitch - o
Arlington - Etz Hayim - c
Arlington - Kol Ami - rc
Ashburn Virginia - Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation - r
Bethesda - Beth Chai - h
Blacksburg - Hillel at Virginia Tech
Boise - Ahavath Beth Israel - p
Centreville - Temple Beth Torah - r
Centreville - Yad Shalom - c
Fairfax - Chabad Fairfax High Holy Days Events - o
Fairfax - Congregation Olam Tikvah - c
Fairfax - Hillel at George Mason
Fort Belvoir Jewish Congregation - t
Harrisonburg - Hillel at James Madison University
Herndon - Congregation Beth Emeth - c
Ketchum - Wood River Jewish Community
Leesburg - Congregation Sha'are Shalom - c
Missoula - Har Shalom - r
Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation - o
Norfolk - Congregation Beth El - c
Norfolk - Temple Israel - c
Reston - Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation - r
Reston - Shoreshim Chaverah/Congregation
Springfield - Congregation Adat Reyim - u
Sterling -  Traditional and Innovative Worship
Tysons - Chabad Tysons Jewish Center - o
Visalia - Congregation Beit Shalom - t
Waldorf - Congregation Shaare Tikvah - c
Warrenton - Fauquier Jewish Congregation
Winchester - Beth El Congregation - r
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Doctors warn on climate failure
Ovarian cancer symptoms are hard to detect; researchers want to identify predictors of ovarian cancer
Report: Excessive levels of bacteria in tap water in north
Sharp rise seen in number of young Israelis suffering from Hodgkin's
What to Do If You Become Ill While Traveling in the U.S.
A Serious Man: The Coen Brothers‚ Jewish Question
Jewish Artists Reveling In Ritual
Kvetcher back to tell us how not to be a shmuck
Las Vegas Jewish paper to cease publication
Einstein, Spielberg Picked for American Jewish 'Hall of Fame'
Ex-boxing chief Stuart Kirschenbaum headed for Jewish Sports Hall
From the Valley to the “Heimat”
Jewish fame: Sandy Koufax, yes. Joey Ramone? Not so much
99-year-old Holocaust survivor
The Person I Never Thought I Would Be

jewish students
Bigger, Better Home for Albany’s “Little Shabbos House That Could”
Frat house now place of worship
Jewish event showcases 9-foot challah
Kosher food program receives overhaul

Advice From A Florida "Snowbird"
Dismantling "Der Kinder-tsimer"
Men & Women: Are They Cut From The Same "Shtof"?
Men's "Gatkes" - An Economic Barometer?
Reality "Televisye'* With Hummus

Stories with a Yiddish Twist
Yiddish Resource
jewish culture
Making the Diaspora Bloom
Rosh Hashana, Circa 1919
Rosh Hashana, Tunisian style
Scrolls repaired in preparation for Jewish High Holy Days
Sephardim: Breaking the Yom Kippur fast
The Jewish Ethicist: Investing with Charity Dollars

A Market For Ethical Kosher?
Kosher food program receives overhaul
Litzman challenges Rabbinate's control over
Manischewitz® All Natural Ready to Serve Broth Launches Nationwide
Ralph's New Kosher Experience

Kosher Today Headline News

York U. open for Jewish holidays

Jewish Canada

flag of the united states
Fox News reveals mounting Hezbollah terror threat in US
Seattle police: Swastikas drawn on 2 synagogues
Seward Park area synagogues defaced with swastikas

Jewish United States


Environmentalists blast Mideast water projects
Schalit family tries to get Rosh Hashana package to Gilad

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News

Embracing a Jewish past amid anti-Semitism

Europe and Human Accomplishment
German court fines student for showing Israel flag
Germany's Jews vexed over 'Hitler sex video'
Hungarian Jews hail questioning of Nazi war crimes suspect

Jewish Perth

Jewish Australia
Jewish New Zealand
Jews of Tahiti

south america

Argentina: 60 Jewish gravestones smashed
Graves defaced in Argentina include terror victims

former ussr cis

At Limmud in Siberia, some unique challenges
Alfred Gottschalk dies at 79; a leader of Reform Judaism
Jewish Cornell student dies of swine flu complications
Do A Mitzvah - Collecting Redskins tickets for this Sunday for Soldiers at Walter Reed
Collecting Redskins tickets for this Sunday for Soldiers at Walter Reed

Dear All:
Not only is this Sunday the second day of Rosh Hashanah, but it is also the Redskin’s home opener. 

Please help us give a day of fun to servicemen and women by donating Redskins game tickets for the second day of Rosh Hashanah (Sunday, September 20th). 

If you do not plan to attend the game, please drop your tickets off at Federation by noon on Thursday, September 17th to be donated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  Email jconnect@shalomdc.org with questions.

Todays Kosher Recipes

Apple and honey challah
Artichoke hearts with harissa salad
Currant scones from La Provence in Beverly Hills
Fresh Spinach Salad with Pomegranate
Platanitos maduros (fried sweet plantains)
Pomegranate apple salad
Smoked tuna salad in tomatoes
Turnip and red pepper salad

Measurement Conversion

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